You Can Help Orphans in Ukraine!

You Can Help Orphans in Ukraine!

There are 100,000 children in Ukrainian orphanages. 

Quick Facts:

- Only 9% of those children have an adoptable status. The remaining 91% are stuck, never to know the love and protection of a family. 

- More than $269 million dollars A YEAR goes to orphanage system in Ukraine. 15.1% goes to children for food, medicine, and clothes. 70% goes to support the workers. On average, one caregiver is responsible for 38 children

- 23% of orphans become homeless after they leave the orphanage. 

- 52% of children stay in the system after "graduating" from the orphanage. 

- 90% are not ready for life and can't adapt to life in society.


What your gifts are doing in Ukraine: 

- Placing children into loving families 

- Providing construction, medical, and financial assistance for adoptive and foster families 

- Strengthening at-risk families

- Mobilizing the church to support orphan and vulnerable children


Your gifts in action:  

You Can Help Orphans in Ukraine!

In and out of orphanages for most of his short life, Serezha was desperate for a loving family.

Yelena, a wonderful woman from Ukraine and adoptive mother to four beautiful children, learned that two of her children had a biological brother living in an orphanage. Unquestionably shocked to hear such heartbreaking news, Yelena immediately sought to adopt this little boy. That little boy is Serezha, and through your faithful giving, he is now officially adopted into Yelena’s family!

Yelena reports that Serezha is kindhearted and loves to assemble erector sets. His favorite activity is playing ball with his siblings, where he can run like the wind. He is hoping to learn to ride a bike this summer, a simple dream that would be unimaginable in an orphanage. Like most seven-year-olds, he’s learning to love school and is quick with clever arguments and reasoning.

Serezha is physically seven years old but developmentally he is four or five years old because of the intense trauma he suffered growing up. Serezha would occasionally hit others, an adverse reaction from his troubled past. With help from his mom, brothers, and sister, Serezha is learning positive ways to cope with his emotions and he is doing much better.

Thank you for making this adoption a reality for Serezha. He now has the loving family he so desperately longed for thanks to you!



Join us today to help orphans in Ukraine!

The gift of family to a child provides them with a promising future and a permanent support network, just like Serezha



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